Wirral placed on a flood alert as heavy rain causes high river levels

The Environment Agency have placed Merseyside on a flood alert as heavy rain continues to hit the region.

Areas of Wirral such as low lying roads and farmland in Heswall, Ellesmere Port, Bebington, Hoylake and Wallasey have been warned to expect flooding over the next 24 hours.

High River levels at Rivers Fender and Birket, Rivacre, Dibbinsdale and Arrowe Brooks could result in the flooding of the surrounding area.

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The Envronment Agency warn: “River levels are remain high at the Great Culvert Entrance river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall.

“Consequently, flooding of low lying land, roads and farmland is possible throughout today and into tomorrow, 13/06/19.

“We are currently expecting to issue Flood Warnings.

“We believe there is a possibility of flooding for low lying land and roads around the Rivers Fender and Birket, Rivacre, Dibbinsdale and Arrowe Brooks and their tributaries.

“Rainfall will be easing throughout today but further heavy showers will affect the area this evening and into tomorrow morning.

“We expect river levels to remain high for the next 24 hours.”

The flood alert come as Merseyside was hit by flooding on Wednesday.

Transport services, roads and parks struggled with the amount of water falling on already saturated ground this morning.

Central Park in Wallasey saw a large part of a public footpath blocked as water from other areas of the park poured into one area.

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Parts of the M53 near Woodchurch was blocked due to flooding and some Chester and Ellesmere Port lines were disrupted on Merseyrail.

The Met Office issued Merseyside another weather warning for rain through Thursday.

The Met Office say: “Some heavy rain is expected to persist into early Thursday morning and, given recent very wet weather, may cause flooding in a few places.

“Mostly 10 to 20 mm of rain is expected early Thursday, though in a few places 30 to 40 mm is possible, most likely over high ground in northeastern Wales.”

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