Liverpool Champions League celebrations sparks coastguard rescue response

Liverpool FC’s Champions League celebrations sparked a coastguard rescue response over the weekend.

A red marine flare was sighted in the New Brighton area which led to the coastguard to racing to the scene.

A search was carried out from Marine Point through to Egremont there was no sightings or reports any anyone or any vessel in distress or needing assistance and both teams were able to stand down.

Further flares were witnessed being set off from the Liverpool area due to the night’s football celebrations.

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Wirral Coastguard said: “A red parachute flare was seen by the RNLI hovercraft being set off across the water in the New Brighton area.

“On the safe conclusion of this incident, it was determined by the Coastguard that the flare had been fired as part local celebrations of the football result.

“Red marine flares, when used properly, are to signal distress at sea or on the coast and should not be used as fireworks.”

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