Heavy rain set to batter Merseyside for TWO days which could lead to difficult travelling conditions

Low pressure on the way

Temperatures have been on the cool side this week and it was the coldest early may Bank Holiday since records began on Monday.

This is because colder air from the north is taking control of our weather bringing down temperatures.

And the weather isn’t set to improve anytime soon as there is a lot of rain on the way.

An area of low pressure will track across the UK through Wednesday bringing with it heavy rain, which will last all day.

The Met Office said: “Persistent and sometimes heavy rain will continue on Wednesday morning, perhaps bringing difficult driving conditions.

“The rain will turn showery and perhaps thundery later in the afternoon in the south”

Forecasters say that some of the heavy showers could be thundery and that the heavy rain could bring some difficult driving conditions on Wednesday morning.

The heavy rain is set to return at times through Thursday too, the Met Office added: “Further rain will turn to heavy showers on Thursday, continuing to a lesser extent on Friday and Saturday.

“It will stay on the cold side of average.”

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