Saharan dust cloud arrives over Merseyside which could cover your car in dirt

Dusty spring skies over Merseyside CREDIT: @Stratusimagery

Many cities across the country today seen a murky skies and impressive sunrises and sunsets thanks to the arrival of saharan dust.

The dust has been blown right across the continent towards the UK and its set remain over the country over the next few days.

As it rains through Wednesday on Merseyside the dust could be deposited on cars leaving a layer of dirt.

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The dust is mainly fine sand particles blown in from the saharan desert as it is carried through the upper atmosphere.

The Met Office expect that the warm weather will come to a dramatic thundery breakdown.

There’s a risk of thunderstorms and the return of rain through Wednesday and Thursday.

Channel 4 weatherman Liam Dutton said on twitter: “Turning cooler and unsettled for all during coming days.

“Useful rain for farmers and growers; widely 10-15mm, locally 30-70mm, by end of Sunday.

“Also some Saharan dust in the mix, which could give colourful sunrises and sunsets, as well as dust on cars when washed out in rain.”

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