The last supermoon of 2019 will be visible TONIGHT and it’s one you wont want to miss

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The last supermoon of the year will be visible across Merseyside tonight, if skies stay clear.

And if skies do stay clear its one you wont want to miss.

This is because tonight’s supermoon is the first one in 30 years to occur on the same day as spring equinox – the same time when the earths equator is closest to the sun.

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The moon is usually about 238,000 miles away from Earth.

But because its orbit isn’t a perfect circle, it sometimes gets much closer and this is when a supermoon occurs.

The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

The Met Office expect that Merseyside could have some great chances of seeing this years final Supermoon.

They said: “Clear spells at first this evening, especially further south across the region.

“However, it will become more generally cloudy overnight, with some mist and murk around the coast.”

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