Picture shows the dangerous reason why headlights should be turned on during heavy rain

A picture has gone viral after highlighting the very important reason why is is essential that you turn on your headlights during heavy rain.

The photograph shows a car in a HGV’s mirror with no lights on and it is nearly invisible to the HGV’s driver due to the surface spray on the motorway.

North West Motorways police posted the picture on Facebook which has been shared thousands of times.

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The post reads: “Hitting the back of a 44 Ton Truck in your little Car, will kill you .

“This is my view of you when you’re not using your head lights in Bad weather. Remember, I may wish to pull out.

“I will indicate & if I can’t see you, I will move out into your lane. If not cursing me & not slowing down, we will most likely make contact.

“I’m 44 Ton of steel & rubber, your maybe 1 – 2 ton, I’ll leave the result up to you.


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