Time lapse footage captures stunning sunset over Liverpool skyline

This stunning time lapse footage shows an amazing sunset over the Liverpool Skyline on Wednesday night.

Keliasphotography on twitter uploaded the stunning video and said: “Yet another glorious sunset behind #Liverpool …people getting their spec”

The sun set during a week where temperatures reached over 20C for the first time ever in February.

Air from near the African continent has blasted in to heat up much of the country way above average for the time of year.

The UK saw temperatures over 20C in winter for the first time ever and for two consecutive days we had the warmest February temperatures EVER.

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The vibrant colours in the sunset could be down to the dust and pollution in the air during Wednesday.

DEFRA warned Merseyside of high pollution levels through Wednesday and warned the young and elderly to avoid too much physical activity.

The high levels were due to a mixture of locally generated and continental sources combined with light winds.

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