How long will the warm winter weather last on Merseyside ?

Temperatures have been hotter than Ibiza and have broken records in across the country.

Air from near the African continent has blasted in to heat up much of the country way above average for the time of year.

The UK saw temperatures over 20C in winter for the first time ever and for two consecutive days we had the warmest February temperatures EVER.

Many people headed to pier head in Liverpool and parks across Merseyside to soak up some unusually very mild sunshine.

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Will it last ?

Unfortunately Wednesday will be the last day of the warm weather we have had over the last few days on Merseyside.

A change in wind direction will see weather fronts from the Atlantic bring a return of some wetter, windier and chillier weather.

The weather will return to what is normal for the time of year and will mean breaking out the coat instead of the sunglasses.

Temperatures will average around 10C for the rest of the week on Merseyside.

The weekend will see a return of the wind as 40 mph winds are forecast with rain.

The Met Office say: “Early mist, fog and low cloud should soon lift and clear, although it will stay rather cloudy on Thursday, with chance of some patchy light rain in places. Less mild.

“Friday will be mostly dry and bright. Turning unsettled and windier this weekend, with a spell of wet weather on Saturday, clearing to sunshine and heavy showers on Sunday. Cooler.”

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