Merseyside issued flood alerts ahead of high spring tides

Merseyside has been issued flood alerts due to risks of possible flooding from high spring tides on Thursday.

The high tide is expected to be higher than usual and could result in some flooding.

The Environment Agency warn that large waves and sea spay could be dangerous.

The Environment Agency said: “The next tide due between midnight tonight 20/2/2019 and 00:30am 21/2/2019 will not reach the Flood Alert Threshold for either Rock Park or Hale Village, however we expect that it may reach Flood Alert level at tomorrows lunchtime tide 21/2/2019 at Hale Village only.

“Flood alerts or warnings may also be required for subsequent high tides.

“Be careful along beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths and roads as large waves and sea spray could be dangerous.”

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