Dramatic video shows New Brighton RNLI rescuing dog walker stuck in mud

A woman walking her dog along the beach was rescued by RNLI New Brighton lifeboat crew after getting stuck in mud near the Black Pearl pirate ship on 15 February 2019.

At 12.45pm, RNLI volunteer crew had just returned to shore from a training exercise when a member of the public alerted them to a casualty stuck in mud adjacent to the Black Pearl pirate ship and near one of the low sea-defence walls.

After advising UK Coastguard of the situation and being tasked to attend, RNLI volunteers arrived on scene with the charity’s lifeboat, tractor and four-wheel drive vehicle.

On site, RNLI volunteers found a woman near knee deep in mud in an area of up to 20-feet across.

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RNLI Lifeboat crew member Trevor Boyes walked behind the casualty before crawling over to her and helping her out.

He said: “As the casualty was stuck in a fairly large patch of mud we couldn’t use our lifeboat or other vehicles to reach her.

That’s when I put mud-rescue techniques into practice and crawled over to her.

‘Once alongside the casualty, I managed to dig her feet out before getting her to sit back so she could free herself.

We believe she had been stuck for at least 30 minutes, so I couldn’t be more pleased that we were able to be on scene so quickly and get her out of the unfortunate situation she found herself in.’

Once back on solid ground, the local woman – who did not wish to receive medical assistance – headed home accompanied by her dog, which onlookers had cared for throughout her ordeal.

RNLI Deputy Launching Authority Mark Greensmith who was on duty at the time, said: ‘Luckily it was still around 45 minutes to low tide, so time was on our side.

But a Force 5 south-easterly wind made it a bit chilly so the sooner we got the casualty out the better. It only took a few minutes before she was on her way home.

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