Cold snap will end this week but there’s wind and rain on the way for Merseyside

Gary Evans

Last week Merseyside saw snow and ice hit which brought chaos to transport to the region.

The UK had its coldest night in seven years as severe weather warnings covered much of the country.

Last Wednesday saw Liverpool Airport to shut as workers raced to clear the runway to allow flights to take off, schools closed due to ice and lakes across the region froze.

But the cold snap is set to come to an end this week as milder conditions arrive.

Temperatures could hit double figures by the middle of the week, but it’s not all good news.

Heavy rain will arrive on Tuesday and the weekend will be a windy one as there could be gusts of around 35 mph.

The Met Office say: “The rest of the week will remain rather changeable with drier spells but also some wet and windy weather at times. It will be less cold than recently.”

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