Temperatures will feel like -5C on Merseyside after the coldest night in SEVEN years

Jimmy Riley

The freezing weather that has gripped Merseyside over the last few days will continue through today with temperatures struggling to reach above freezing.

Snow and ice has caused problems across the region during Wednesday and Thursday.

The snow on Wednesday caused Liverpool Airport to shut as workers raced to clear the runway to allow flights to take off.

Thursday morning ice caused some schools across the region to shut and Central Park lake in Wallasey completely froze over after the coldest night of winter so far.

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Temperatures in Scotland fell to -14.4C during the early hours of Thursday.

Which was the coldest temperature recorded across the UK since February 2012.

Today temperatures will remain around 2C with the wind chill making it feel closer to -5C on Merseyside.

There’s a further risk of ice tonight and into tomorrow morning as temperatures drop below freezing.

The Met Office said: “Clear and cold overnight with another severe frost and the risk of ice.

“Cloud may thicken across the south at times, bringing some light snow. Minimum temperature -8 °C.”

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