Merseyside can expect ‘persistent snow’ showers this week as freezing air returns

The weekend was a lot milder compared to the previous few days, as milder air replaced the cold air that brought wintry showers to the region.

However, the cold air will return this week bringing the threat of some snow during the early hours of Wednesday.

As a weather front collides with the cold air the rain will turn to snow to over some parts of the country.

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The Met Office has issued London a weather warning for snow and although Merseyside is not on a warning, there’ still a chance of ‘persistant snow’ according to the Met Office.

The Met Office say: “Wintry showers on Tuesday, with perhaps some more persistent snow overnight into Wednesday.

“Some further transient snow is likely on Thursday. Widespread, perhaps severe overnight frosts, with ice likely too.”

UPDATE: Merseyside has now been issued severe weather warnings for snow and ice. READ MORE HERE.

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