Garage roof collapses on top of cars in Wallasey as strong winds batter the region

Damage to cars. Credit: Shane Baker

Strong winds battered Merseyside through Sunday morning as gusts of 61 mph were recorded.

The region is placed on severe weather warnings for further strong gusts until midday.

Large waves are expected to batter coasts across the region which will cause a risk to life if too close.

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Strong winds on Sunday morning caused the roof of links view garage on Leasowe Road in Wallasey to collapse.

Shane Baker took these dramatic pictures and uploaded them to facebook.

The dramatic pictures show the heavy roof lying on top of several damaged cars.

65 mph gusts are forecast to hit the region with Wirral Coastguard RNLI teams warning people to stay away from the coast.

Wirral Coastguard said: “The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind for Wirral between 2100 hours tonight and 1200 hours tomorrow.

“A spell of strong winds are expected with the likelihood of coastal areas being affected by spray and large waves.

“If you are on the coastline, however dramatic the waves look, do not be tempted to put your life at risk by taking pictures and wave dodging.

“We cannot stress enough that promenades, sea walls and the waters edge are not safe places to be when the weather is bad.

“The tide can throw up masses of debris including bricks and stones and one cubic metre of water weighs a staggering one tonne! A dramatic photograph or selfie is not worth risking your life for.

“Don’t take risks, but if you do get into trouble or see someone else in difficulty on the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

The Met Office say that Sunday will be “very windy with gales, especially near the coast, bringing a significant wind chill, and only slowly easing through the day.

“Further showers to come, wintry over the hills, but some decent sunny periods too.”

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