Merseyside will be battered by 65 mph freezing winds bringing large coastal waves and transport disruption

Stay away from the coast over the weekend

Merseyside has been warned to expect winds of up to 65 mph through Sunday.

The severely strong winds will make temperatures feel closer to -2C at times across the region.

The Met Office have placed Merseyside on yellow severe weather warning from 8pm Saturday to 12pm Sunday.

The strongest of winds are expected to hit the region around Sunday lunchtime which will lead to large waves at coasts.

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There’s also a chance that there could be power loss and transport disruption as the winds hit.

The Met Office say that Sunday will be “A cold day, but a largely dry and bright one with occasional spells of sunshine. The strong northerly wind will give a noticeable wind chill.

“Strong northerly winds are expected to develop during Saturday night across Northern Ireland and extend across much of Wales and parts of western England before easing during Sunday.

“Wind gusts of 50-55 mph are possible inland and 60-65 mph around coasts.”

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