Met Office warns of Thundersnow TODAY – but what is it?

Liverpool during the snow

The Met Office has indicated that Merseyside could see snow and ice this week as temperatures plummet.

Their forecast also says that the region could see thundersnow.

The Met Office forecast for today says: “Blustery, wintry showers will continue through the day, perhaps with hail and thunder at times.

“There will be some bright spells, but it will feel cold.”

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What is it?

The Met Office say that thundersnow is when thunderstorms form in wintry conditions they can sometimes give rise to heavy downpours of snow.

This, along with the usual thunder and lightning, is called ‘thundersnow’.

When thundersnow occurs at night the lightning appears brighter – this is because the light reflects off the snowflakes.

Interestingly, the snow contained within the thunderstorm acts to dampen the sound of the thunder.

While the thunder from a typical thunderstorm might be heard many miles away, the thunder during a thundersnow event will only be heard if you are within 2 to 3 miles of the lightning.

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