Merseyside will have a week of freezing weather bringing the risk of ice and snow

The weather is expected to be very cold this week on Merseyside.

Temperatures will dip to -1C during Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

This will bring the risk of overnight snow and ICE on both days.

Weather warnings have been issued for the country but have left out Merseyside.

Although the region is not included in the ICE weather warning for Tuesday, there is still a risk of ICY patches in some areas as overnight rain could freeze in the cold temperatures.

Forecasters are hinting that snow could fall during Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

The Met Office say: “On Tuesday blustery, wintry showers are likely through the day, with the risk of hail and thunder.

“There will be some bright spells, but it will feel cold. There will be sunny spells and some wintry showers on Wednesday.”

There’s also a risk of further snow on Tuesday and Thursday next week as temperatures get even colder.

The Met Office commented on next weeks forecast: “It will remain cold for most with widespread overnight frosts as well as the risk of ice.

“Snow remains a possibility to lower levels, particularly in the north.”

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