How to keep babies warm in the cold weather 


Temperatures are dropping which means wrapping up, as a Mum I’ve put together some tips on keeping your little one warm.


Layering is key, opt for a good base layer, then breathable easy to remove layers on top.
The rule of thumb is, babies should wear one more layer than you.

A good waterproof coat or snow suit is a ideal essential especially while out waking or in the buggy.

Toddlers and kids love nothing more than to play in snow, use thick socks and wellies to keep little toes warm and dry.

A waterproof coat or snowsuit and gloves will stop the damp and cold getting to delicate hands.


Travelling in cars

It’s recommended now to remove coats and snow suits, scarves and hats.

Cars warm up quickly and babies can overheat.

You can always tuck a blanket over them in the car seat if it’s particularly chilly.


At home

The same “one more layer than you” rule applies in doors too, so if your comfortable in a T-shirt and jumper then baby should be comfortable in a vest, T-shirt and jumper or cardigan.

Keep the temperature of the home between 20C and 22C.



The ideal body temperature for baby is between 36.4C and 37C so a good way to check is obviously with a thermometer, but you can feel babies tummy and back, it should be warm but not sweaty.

During winter the ideal way for baby to dress for bed, is in a long sleeved vest, and baby grow with a minimum of a 1.5tog sleep bag or equivalent in a blanket that tucks under their armpits.

Don’t be tempted to put a hat and mittens on babies as this can cause over heating.

You can check the temperature of a babies room by using a simple room thermometer, but the ideal temperature should be between 16C and 20C.

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