100 meteors an hour will be visible on Merseyside TONIGHT as perfect conditions are forecast for Quadrantid shower

There’s an opportunity to spot meteors burning up in the night sky tonight.

The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak tonight at around 2am when 50-100 meteors an hour will be visible.

Obviously spotting meteors depends on the weather forecast but with clear skies predicted for Merseyside you should get a perfect view.

However, temperatures are set to be below freezing so if you are heading out you will need to wrap up warm.

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The Met Office say: “Temperatures will soon tumble tonight under the clearest skies.

“Frost is likely, with a risk of some freezing fog patches in the south. Minimum temperature -4 °C.”

The Quadrantids are the product of dust from an Asteroid 2003 EH1 that takes around 5.5 years to orbit the sun.

When the Earth later passes through the dust particles these remnants they burn up in the atmosphere in the night sky.

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