What will the weather be like through January on Merseyside?

The milder is set to continue through the start of January according to the latest forecasts.

Weather fronts from the Atlantic will drive unsettled weather towards the region as we head towards the middle of the month, meaning an increase in wind and rain.

Temperatures will decline further as we head towards the end of the month thanks to a sudden warming of the stratosphere, which could lead to significant snowfall.

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Metoegroup say: “we expect the middle of the month to be unsettled with rainfall at or above average and with the potential for some windy weather too.

“Temperatures are likely to be near or perhaps a little below normal at this stage.

“The last full week of January is when we are likely to see an increased chance of cold north-easterly winds affecting the country.

“Temperatures are likely to dip below normal for the time of year, and this will bring an above average risk of snow.

“Of course, there is still some uncertainty and there is a chance that we will see Atlantic low pressure systems continuing to move eastwards across the country right through to the end of the month.

“If this happens, it is unlikely to become as cold, but will remain wetter and perhaps windy.”

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