RARE freezing rain is forecast for Merseyside this weekend – but what is it?

Cold air from the east has gripped the country and temperatures over the next 24 hours are not expected to climb much above freezing.

A band of rain is expected to track across the country during Saturday, which will clash with the cold air.

The Met Office have warned that this could lead to freezing rain, ICE and snow.

Merseyside has been placed on a yellow severe weather warning during 9am Saturday – 9am Sunday.

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What is Freezing Rain?

Freezing rain is a type of liquid precipitation that falls as a supercooled water droplet until it strikes a cold surface, at which point it freezes almost instantly.

Freezing rain tends to start its life as snow, ice, sleet or hail, but passes through a layer of air that’s above 0 °C on the way down to the ground, melting into a liquid water droplet.

If these droplets then fall through a zone of sub-zero air just above the ground, they become supercooled.

When these supercooled droplets strike surfaces that are close to or below freezing, they freeze on impact forming a glaze of ice.

This can lead to dangerous driving conditions that can cause accidents and even injuries if people slip on the ice.

The conditions needed for freezing rain to occur are quite specific and we don’t see them very often, making this phenomenon quite rare in the UK.

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