Met Office hints that Merseyside could see snow over the weekend

Met Office forecasts snow

An active low-pressure system will collide with freezing air on Saturday, bringing strong winds and heavy rain and snow.

Yellow weather warnings have been issued for northern parts of the UK as some parts could expect ‘blizzard conditions’.

Merseyside is not on a weather warning but the Met Office have indicated that the region could still see some snow.

Their forecast shows that on Saturday morning snow could fall to lower levels across the country as temperatures will be around freezing.

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Chief Meteorologist, Steve Willington said: “This weekend’s weather brings a range of winter hazards, with the possibility of heavy snow and blizzards in parts of Scotland and freezing rain for northern parts of the UK.

“As such, there is the potential for disruption to travel on the roads and possible delays or cancellations to public transport services, so we encourage people to keep an eye on the latest weather forecast and warnings and to take care when travelling.

“At the moment, the heaviest snow is expected over higher ground in Scotland with the chance of drifting snow due to strong winds.

“Snow is also expected to settle at lower levels in Scotland and parts of northern England, with the risk of freezing rain and ice on Saturday night.”

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