This is when it is expected to snow on Merseyside

This week will see the colder air from the east return over the UK, resulting in freezing weather across Merseyside and the risk of snow.

The colder air will replace the milder air that has been in place through most of this week.

Temperatures will fall and by Friday and Saturday daytime temperatures won’t climb above 5C.

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Winds will be breezy too on Merseyside, meaning the weather will feel closer to -3C at times, especially near the coast.

As temperatures drop it will bring a risk of frost, fog and even snow in some places.


Friday is expected to be one of the coldest days of the season so far on Merseyside with a top temperature of just 3C.

Meteogroup who supply forecasts for the BBC are predciting that Merseyside could see some flurries during Saturday morning

This is due to the arrival of some rain and clashing with the colder air could turn to sleet or snow in some areas of Merseyside.

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The Met Office say: “Often dry on Thursday and Friday but cloudy at times with the odd shower, and overnight frosts.

“Wet and windy on Saturday, risk of some snow, mainly over hills.”

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