Merseyside will see strong winds and rain this weekend

Merseyside is set to see further strong gusts of wind and rain throughout Saturday.

The yellow weather warning was cancelled by the Met Office as gusts will not be as strong as previously thought.

However, winds will still be gusting at around 60 mph during the early hours of Saturday and will remain strong through the day.

But there is a bit of good news, Sunday is looking like a better day for weather.

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Sunday will see drier,brighter and less windy conditions, making the weather feel much more bearable.

Forecasters expect that next week will see colder conditions return with the risk of some overnight frosts.

The Met Office say: “Wind and early showers easing through the morning and followed by some more persistent rain later.

“Largely dry and bright through Sunday, with the winds easing, but turning colder into next week with an increasing risk of overnight frosts.”

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