REVEALED: Here’s what the weather will be like in the UK in 100 years time

Stormy winters and hot summers

The Met Office have revealed what the weather will be like in the UK over the next 100 years.

Their Climate Projections report which takes a look at the latest scientific weather information, has provided a detailed look into what the weather will do by 2100.

It has been revealed that winters in the UK will become milder and wetter winter and summers will become hotter drier.

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In the most extreme scenario temperatures could increase by a whole 5C in around 50 years time, meaning heatwaves could be a normal occurrence.

Hot summers such as the one’s in the 90’s currently have a less than 5% chance of happening, but over the next 100 years that will increase to 20%.

Met Office chief scientist Dr Stephen Belcher said: “With really hot summers like this year’s – in the 1990’s that was a less than 5% chance of getting those.

“Now we are up to a 15-20% chance. By 2050 that’s a normal summer…By late century it depends what we do about greenhouse gases.”

More heatwaves could result in an increase in vulnerable deaths as well as frequent water shortages.

Snow could be a rare sight in some parts of the country during the winter due to more milder and wetter conditions.

An increase in storms could make the Christmas break windier and wetter rather than any chances of a snowy Christmas.

Sea levels are also predicted to rise over the next 50-100 years meaning there could be more flooding and coastal erosion in the south of the UK.

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