Will it snow this week on Merseyside?

Colder air from the west will grip the country this week and forecasters have said there is a chance of snow.

Temperatures will be into single figures with daytime temperatures struggling to reach over 5C through the week.

And the wind chill will make the weather feel even colder and closer to freezing at times as the week rolls.

But don’t get your hopes up if you wanted it to snow on Merseyside, the Met Office say that the snow will be contained over hills and if anything does fall from the sky it is likely to be rain.

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The Met office say: “Cold overnight with brisk winds ushering in showers which will become more frequent, with some heavier bursts likely.

“Over higher ground the showers could be wintry with a mix of sleet and snow.

“Early showers on Wednesday easing to leave a fine day with sunshine.

“A risk of frost and ice early on Thursday and Friday, but often cloudy with occasional showers.”

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