Ex-hurricane Oscar set to batter Merseyside with strong winds and flooding this weekend


Former hurricane Oscar is set to arrive over the weekend in time for the regions bonfire night celebrations.

Oscar will arrive as a deep area of low pressure during Friday and Saturday, bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

Winds are forecast to be gusting at around 60 mph as it reaches the UK, according to some forecasts.

The weather channel have warned that Oscar could bring widespread rain and a risk of flooding to western Britain.

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A spokesperson for The Weather Channel said: “There is still quite a degree of uncertainty in the forecast, but the arrival of ex-Hurricane Oscar is expected to bring widespread rain on Friday and Saturday with the risk of flooding for Ireland, northern and western Britain.

“Maximum rainfall accumulation is expected overnight on Friday. Potentially damaging strong winds are expected to affect western and southern coasts of Ireland as ex-Oscar passes over.

“Temperatures are expected to trend warmer as this system brings with it a tropical flow of air from the central Atlantic.

The weather channel added: “However, there is still some uncertainty over the forecast with some computer models indicating a more northward path which would result in minimal impact on the British Isles.”

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