Freezing start to the week on Merseyside but the weather will warm up


The week will get off to a very cold start on Merseyside this week.

As the region wakes up on Monday morning temperatures will be at a cold 2C at 8am.

There will be a touch of frost on the ground and some foggy patches as skies will have been clear overnight.

And it will continue to be cold throughout the day as Monday will see only see a top temperature of 8C.

Although it will be a chilly day there will plenty of sunny spells throughout the day.

The rest of the week will see similar temperatures, but as the weekend approaches the weather will warm up.

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Temperatures across the region will return to double figures at the weekend at around 13C.

The Met Office say: “Any fog patches will slowly lift to leave a dry day with plenty more sunshine on Monday.

“Winds will be light but it will remain on the chilly side.

“Tuesday should stay largely dry, but it will be cloudier than recent days.

“Changeable thereafter and turning breezy at times, but temperatures will gradually recover to nearer normal.”

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