FOUR teenage boys risk their lives in the dark to save woman stranded at sea


Four boys have been praised for saving a woman’s life by entering the water in the dark and pulling her to safety.

Crosby coastguard were called out to investigate following reports that shouts for help could be heard coming from the water north of the Coastguard Station last Saturday evening.

Four teenage boys had heard the shouts for help but with it being dark they could not see the person in the water.

The boys dialed 999 and alerted the HM Coastguard Operations Centre in Holyhead, who immediately tasked the relevant teams to the scene.

Whilst the boys were waiting for the emergency services to arrive they were faced with the reality that if nothing was done immediately the lady who was in difficulty would not make it out safely.

Two of the boys then entered the water until they found the casualty and managed to bring her to safety back at the tide line.

HM Coastguard Crosby arrived on scene and gave both the casualty and the boys the relevant care needed.

The four boys then went on to assist the Coastguard Rescue Team with carrying the stretcher with the casualty on to the waiting ambulance.

Crosby coastguard said: “The Coastguard would advise anyone not to put themselves at risk by entering the water and to wait for the emergency services to arrive, however, there is no doubt that the selfless actions of these young men were instrumental in saving this ladies life.

“After the boys were checked over by the ambulance crew they were taken back to the Coastguard Station were a parent came to collect them.

“We would like to thank all of them for their brave actions.

“If you see or think anyone is in difficulty along the coast, please dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

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