How cold will it get and how long will the cold snap last on Merseyside ?


Temperatures on Merseyside are set to fall this week as Arctic air arrives from the north.

Warmer air from Europe will be replaced by chillier air, bringing the first cold snap of Autumn and the coldest weather since March.

How cold will it get ?

The coldest weather is set to shiver Merseyside through the weekend when the coldest weather is forecast.

Temperatures overnight during Saturday and Sunday night could fall as low as 3C, which will mean a frosty start to the mornings.

It will be a good idea to wrap up in the scarf, hat and gloves if you’re heading out during the day too.

As it’s going to feel bitterly cold during the daytime with top temperatures of just 7C.

And it could even feel colder than that as the wind will be gusty, so the wind chill will make temperatures feel closer to just 4C at times.

How long will it last ?

For now the cold snap is here to stay until at least the end of next week.

Monday will get off to another cold start with the risk of more frost and daytime temperatures will be similar to the weekend.

The Met Office indicate that temperatures could recover to normal by Friday and that the wet and windy weather could return

What do the Met Office say?

“By Sunday a cold arctic airflow will be in place across the UK, bringing a good deal of sunshine and some heavy showers, mainly around eastern coastal areas.

“Hail and thunder is likely, with snow showers over higher ground in the north, and it will feel bitter in exposed areas.

“Confidence lowers by Monday, but it is most likely that many places will see a dry and bright day with showers continuing in the east, but widespread frost overnight.

“From Tuesday a spell of increasingly unsettled weather looks likely, with showers or longer spells of rain between brighter interludes.

“Gales or severe gales can be expected, but temperatures should begin to recover to around normal by Friday with milder, unsettled conditions likely to dominate until the end of the period.”

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