Chillier temperatures on the way this week… but there is some good news


The country has been treated to warmer temperatures that were above average for October.

Temperatures reached over 20C in parts of the country earlier this week, which is well above the average for the times of year.

However, temperatures will fall back down to what is considered as normal for October this week.

Temperatures will fall back down into single figures during Monday and Tuesday morning on Merseyside to 9C.

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This means mornings will start chilly and there could be some frost and fog, especially in rural areas.

But it’s not all bad news, this week is expected to mostly dry through the week across the region.

With no sign of any unsettled weather or storms it’s set to remain a calm week of weather.

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The Met Office say: “A fine start on Tuesday, then rain will move southeastwards. Sunshine and blustery showers on Wednesday.

“A cold start on Thursday with fog and frost, then sunny and less windy.”

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