What to expect from Storm Callum hitting Merseyside


On Friday storm Callum is set to hit the country which will bring heavy rain and strong winds to Merseyside.

Although no weather warnings have been issued for the region Merseyside will see gusts of over 50 mph and very heavy rain at times.

What are the Impacts ?

Heavy rain will batter the region throughout Friday and Saturday bringing the risk of localised flooding.

The worst of the winds are expected during Friday morning when gusts could reach 50mph.

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A high tide and strong winds will also cause large waves resulting in a further risk of flooding for coastal areas as well as the possibility of transport delays and cancellations

Winds will ease slightly during Sunday but it will still be a windy day, gusting around 40mph.

What do the Met Office say ?

Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders, said; “Strong winds at this time of year can increase the rate of leaf fall which can potentially block drains or culverts and, with the heavy rainfall expected over Friday and Saturday, could well heighten the potential for flooding.

“There is also a risk that the high winds associated with Storm Callum, combined with high tides, may lead to some coastal impacts due to large waves.”

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