Merseyside issued severe weather warnings as forecasters warn of 60 mph winds


Storm Callum is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to parts of the country today.

Parts of Ireland have been told to expect winds of up to 70 mph and parts of wales have been warned about severe flooding as over 160mm could fall ob saturated ground.

Merseyside has now been issued a yellow severe weather warning for strong winds as 60mph gusts are expected to batter the region.

The weather warning is in place all day until midnight tonight, with the strongest of the winds expected during Friday afternoon.

With high tide winds could lead to some coastal flooding as waves could over top sea defences.

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The Met Office say: “Gusts of 50 mph are likely with potential for gusts of 60 mph around exposed coasts and hills.

“High tides are also near their peak, heightening the risk of coastal impacts due to large waves.

“Strong winds are expected to arrive across Northern Ireland, southwest England and west Wales during Thursday night, spreading to Scotland by Friday morning.

“Through the day winds are likely to ease across parts of Northern Ireland and southwest Scotland. Elsewhere after a brief lull, winds are expected to strengthen again during the afternoon.

“In particular for the far northwest of Scotland including the Outer Hebrides.

“Here gusts are likely to peak at 60-70 mph during the late afternoon and evening before easing overnight.”

Heavy rain will also batter the region throughout Friday and Saturday bringing the risk of more localised flooding.

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