Indian summer temperatures on the way to Merseyside.. but so are the storms


This week is set to be a mixed week of weather on Merseyside as warm temperatures and strong winds are on the way.

On Wednesday Indian summer weather will warm up the region as temperatures will reach over 20C, with some parts of the UK seeing temperatures reach 25C

Temperatures this week are set to be double the average usually associated with October.

There will be plenty of sunny spells and it will feel warm in any afternoon sunshine, according to forecasters.

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The Met Office say: “A dry and warm day with plenty of sunshine once any morning fog has cleared.

“A dry and mostly clear evening, although some low cloud developing over the Pennines. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

” The warm and dry weather isn’t set to last long because by Friday more unsettled conditions will arrive.

An area of low pressure from the Atlantic will bring heavy rain and strong winds of around 50 mph to Merseyside on Friday.

There’s a chance of very strong gusts in some places of Merseyside, although the far North of the UK will see the worst of the weather, where wind warnings have been issued for 80mph gusts.

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The spell of unsettled weather could see the Met Office name storm callum if the Met Office thinks the low will have a serious impact.

The Met Office say: “Gusts 50 to 60 mph are likely in some places, with potential for gusts of 70 to 80 mph around exposed coasts and hills.

“High tides are also near their peak, heightening the risk of coastal impacts due to large waves.

“There is a chance of gusts over 80 mph in the Western Isles during the afternoon and evening.

“The strongest winds are expected across eastern areas of Northern Ireland during the early morning followed by Scotland from late morning onward.”

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