what will the weather be like for the Giants 2018 on Merseyside ?

The spectacular event will take place Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 October – in what will be the final in the trilogy of Giant spectaculars.

If you’re heading out for the event then it’s worth checking out what the weather forecast will be like so you’re prepared.

Friday 5th October

The weather is expected to be mostly dry, it will be a dull day as conditions will stay cloudy through the day, temperatures will stay around 12C

Saturday 6th October

Friday will get off to a wet start so it’s worth taking the brolly out in the morning, showers could be heavy at times.

A colder feeling day too as winds will pick up to around 25mph making 10C temperatures feel closer to 5C.

During the afternoon the weather will get brighter with showers easing off.

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Sunday 7th October

Sunday will get off to a chilly start with the chance of ssome frost, temperatures will only manage 6C in the morning.

It’ll stay dry with temperatures slightly warmer than Saturday with daytime temperatures around 13C.

The Met Office say: A chilly feeling breezy day on Saturday, but brightening up after a cloudy start.

Generally sunny on Sunday after an early frost. Windy on Monday, with cloud and occasional rain.

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