Chillier temperatures set to return to end Merseyside’s warm spell of weather

It’s been quite a warm two days across Merseyside, with some parts touching nearly 20C.

However, the Autumnal feel to weather will return in time for the weekend according to forecasters.

From Friday temperatures will dip right down to 13C making it feel much chillier across the region.

And you may have to add a few layers of clothing if you’re heading out on Saturday morning as Temperatures will drop as low as 7C.

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There will be sunshine over the weekend but temperatures will struggle to climb like we’ve seen this week.

The cooler weather is thanks to a cold front passing over the UK through Friday, resulting in a drop in temperatures.

The Met Office say: “After a chilly start it will be a fine day, with good spells of sunshine.

“Despite the sunshine it will feel cooler than of late, although winds will be light.

“Dry with sunny spells Saturday. A band of cloud and some rain clearing south early Sunday to give sunny spells and perhaps a few showers. Dry and bright on Monday.

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