Merseyside warned of flooding this weekend as more storms are on the way

Damage by Storm Ali in Wallasey

Two storms have battered Merseyside this week, Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh brought heavy rain and gale force winds to the region.

Storm Ali downed trees right across Merseyside on Wednesday which lead to severe travel disruption.

Storm Bronagh hit Merseyside overnight on Thursday and lead to part of Liverpool city centre being cordoned off due to safety reasons.

Brook street in Liverpool was closed after a window blew out on West Tower due to high winds.

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Although winds will be much calmer than previously forecast over the weekend, the Met Office are warning that there could be some flooding.

Merseyside has been issued a severe weather warning for heavy rain through Sunday as up to 50mm of rain could fall.

The Met Office say: “During Sunday there is the potential for a developing weather system to track across southern UK, which is likely to bring a swathe of persistent and at times heavy rain, as well the potential for strong winds.

“Whilst there remains some uncertainty in the precise track and intensity of the system, and thus the location of the heaviest, most persistent rainfall, many places could see 20-30mm, with up to 50mm possible in some isolated spots.

“With strong winds also forecast in places, and recent heavy rain, drains and culverts blocked by debris could mean impacts in places which would not normally be affected by these rainfall amounts.”

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