Merseyside to be hit with a deluge of heavy rain this week


Merseyside is expected to see a lot of rain throughout most of Tuesday.

According to forecasts Tuesday’s rain will start at around 3am and will last until around 2pm in the afternoon.

As the rain will be very heavy at times it could lead to some localised flooding.

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The rain is expected to clear before returning again overnight, the rest of the week is expected to be mostly dry with some sunshine.

Temperatures will remain average for the time of year, around 16C, but it will feel much chillier in the mornings and by the coast.

The Met Office say: “After a wet start for all, rain will gradually clear, leaving Cumbria during the morning, and Greater Manchester during the afternoon.

“Rain on Wednesday will soon clear to leave afternoon brightness. A few showers are possible on Thursday but it will stay mainly dry/bright. Blustery showers will arrive during Friday.”

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