Hurricane Florence could hit Merseyside with 70mph winds


Forecasters are finding it difficult to predict where storm Florence will track, as our weather forecasts struggle to forecast hurricanes this early on.

However, UK forecasters are hinting that there is a risk that the storm could head towards the country during next week.

If the storm arrives then it could bring winds of up to 70mph and heavy rain, as the jet stream that carries weather from the Atlantic is currently sitting right above the UK.

Current forecast models point to the Hurricane bending around the US coast and heading across the Atlantic towards

Dr. Claire Kennedy-Edwards, senior meteorologist of The Weather Channel, said Florence is expected to recurve across the northern Atlantic, turn extra-tropical and transition into a mid latitude low.

She said: “Some forecast models are favouring a more westward track for Tropical Storm Florence, which could impact north-eastern areas of the US.

“However, others show the storm re-curving around the subtropical ridge as the remnants of Florence get entrained into the jet stream.

“Latest model runs show a variety of downstream effects for western Europe.”

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