THREE people trapped waist deep in mud rescued in dramatic Wirral rescue

CREDIT: Wirral Coastguard

Emergency services descended on a Wirral beach to rescue three females that were trapped waist deep in mud.

Merseyside fire and rescue service, Merseyside Police and Wirral Coastguard raced to a beach in Wallasey at 9.57pm on Friday night.

Four females had been discovered by Police while searching for a missing person.

CREDIT: Wirral Coastguard

The coastguard and Firefighters deployed onto the mud with basket stretchers to extricate the casualties.

Three females recovered by basket stretcher to the prom by joint Coastguard and Firefighters, while another walked ashore.

All casualties assessed by ambulance as suffering from the effects of cold, but they didn’t require hospital admission.


A spokesperson for Merseyside fire and rescue service said: “Two people were pulled to safety by firefighters wearing water gear using basket stretchers, whilst one managed to get themselves free.

“Please be aware that mud flats at the beach are treacherous and it is very easy to become stuck fast quickly and at serious risk from rising tides.

“As soon as sand underfoot becomes muddy and soft, return to firm ground immediately.”

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