What will the weather be like for Bank Holiday Monday on Merseyside?


After a very wet Sunday the weather is set to improve slightly in time for Bank Holiday Monday.

Current weather forecasts point to a mostly dry day with the chance of some showers in places, which will be welcome news after a soaking weekend.

However, although it will be a mostly dry day, temperatures will continue to feel on the chilly side.

Temperatures will be around 17C with lows of 13C making it another day to put your coat on.

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The rest of the new week will see similar temperatures but towards the end of the week the sunshine will return making it feel a bit more pleasant than recently.

The Met Office say: “A breezy day with a scattering of showers around, although these tending to become mainly light as the day goes on.

“Some brighter or sunnier spells will also develop.”

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