WATCH the incredible moment ‘waterspouts’ spotted in Wirral

This is the amazing moment ‘waterspouts’ were spotted swirling in the skies above Wirral.

Many witnesses took to social media to report the ‘waterpouts’ in the sky near Moreton shore and two were spotted off the coast of New Brighton

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Two ‘waterspouts’ spotted off the coast of New Brighton. CREDIT: Darren Hughes

However, they were in fact funnel clouds, as tornadoes can only be classed when they touch the ground and waterspouts when they touch the water.

Heavy showers peppered into the region through Wednesday, which created perfect conditions for the funnel clouds to form, as they are formed from water droplets and a rotating column of air.

Further heavy showers and unsettled weather is expected through Friday and over the weekend, the Met Office say: “Friday will see sunshine and showers, some heavy with a risk of thunder.

“Rain and stronger winds sweeping east over the weekend, with showers following on.”

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