This is when the hot weather will return to Merseyside


There has been more cloud than sunshine so far this week, which has left many of our readers wondering when will the hot weather will return.

So far it has been the south of the UK that has seen the hot weather, in fact it is going to get so hot in that part of the country temperatures could reach over 36C by Friday.

Merseyside won’t see temperatures this hot, as most of the warmer air will remain further south and approaching cold fronts will keep Merseyside under a blanket of cooler cloud throughout most of the week.

However, Merseyside will see the hot weather return, but for one day only on Thursday.

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Temperatures will reach over 26C on Thursday before the cloud and rain returns on Friday cooling down the weather.

The Met Office say: “Wednesday is set to be a dry day with more sunshine than the last couple of days.

“It will feel very warm in the sunshine, but fresher towards the coast. “Dry and hot on Thursday with hazy sunshine.

“An increasing risk of thunderstorms overnight and into Friday morning.

“Fresher on Friday and Saturday with some cloud and scattered showers”.

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The weather is expected to get so hot that parts of the UK have been placed an an AMBER heat alert as the Met Office warn people to stay out of the sun.

The amber alert is in place for the south of the country from now until Friday.

Which means there’s a chance of the weather beating the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK, 38.5 C (101.3F) in Faversham, Kent, on August 10th, 2003.

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