Hottest weather of the year on the way as 35C temperatures to scorch UK


Heatwave conditions are set to return next week as the country is blasted with another spell of hot air.

Temperatures are set to rise well above 30C in some areas of the south of the UK and experts are expecting the weather to smash records.

Forecasters at the BBC are expecting temperatures to reach above 35C which may eclipse the scorching summer of 1976 when temperatures reached 35.6C.

It would have to get seriously hot for next weeks weather to beat the hottest ever recorded in the UK, 38.5 C (101.3F) in Faversham, Kent, on August 10th, 2003.

The predicted warm weather won’t be welcome news for water companies as they introduce a hosepipe ban for the North West of England on August 5th.

The ban is being introduced as the country experiences one of the longest ever heatwaves that is resulting in low reservoir levels.

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Forecasters are predicting the hottest of the weather to be felt in the south of the country, while on Merseyside it will feel slightly cooler.

The Met Office said: “We’re looking at temperatures going into the low 30s again so we could be looking at isolated points reaching 32C or 33C”

“The hottest temperature recorded of the year so far has been 33C so the southeast could potentially get up to those sorts of temperatures.”

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