This is how long the rain will last and if the warm weather will return to Merseyside


It was a soggy start to the week for Merseyside which saw heavy rain throughout most of Monday as an ex hurricane influenced our weather.

It left many of us thinking if it will stop and if the warm weather return.

There’s good news, most of the heavy rain has passed during Monday as a weather front headed over the country.

The week could see some further showers at times, but forecasters expect it will be mostly dry on Merseyside.

And the good news doesn’t end there, towards the end of the week the warmer air is set to return raising temperatures.

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By Thursday the fresher weather will have given way to a warmer weather, with temperatures expected to reach into the mid 20’s on Merseyside.

The Met Office say: Sunny spells and scattered showers Wednesday. Dry with sunny spells Thursday.

“Cloudier Friday, perhaps some patchy rain in Cumbria. Feeling warm by day, but it will feel fresher overnight”.

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