Dramatic thunderstorms set to end Merseyside’s spell of dry and sunny weather


The Met Office has warned Merseyside to expect heavy thundery downpours, which will end the regions spell of dry and sunny weather.

Thunderstorms are predicted to break out between 11am – 8pm on Friday bringing up to 20mm of rain to some areas.

The severe weather could lead to difficult driving conditions and power loss to some communities.

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The Met Office say: “Heavy showers, which will most likely become thundery in places, are expected to develop quite widely across parts of England and Wales later Friday morning and through the afternoon.

“Some of the showers are likely to become focussed into slow-moving bands, particularly over southwest England, with some locations receiving around 20mm in an hour.”

However, the forecaster says that the showers could be hit or miss and may result in some places in the warning area having a dry day.

The Met Office added: “As is the nature of showers however, many places within the warning area will miss them altogether, and have a dry day.”

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