Things to spot in the night sky over Merseyside through July

Super Blood Moon over Leasowe on Wirral. Credit: Tom Munns & Sean Reed

There’s plenty to spot this month over Merseyside if skies stay clear.

Lunar Eclipse

This July will see one of the longest lunar eclipses in over a century.

The total phase of the “blood moon” lunar eclipse will last 1 hour and 43 minutes and will occur on July 27th.

However, on Merseyside the total blood moon lunar eclipse will be visible for less time, 54 minutes, if skies are clear.

The total eclipse will start at 9:21pm lasting until 10:13pm on Merseyside.

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Mars will approach earth in the closest pass in 15 years this month.

As Mars will be closer than usual this will mean the red planet will be 10 times brighter than usual, making it a very good opportunity to spot it.

Experts say the best time to view mars is in the early hours of the morning before sunrise.


Jupiter will be best viewed just after sunset for a round 3 hours.

After this it starts to set and visibility will be reduced.


July is a perfect month for viewing Saturn and as it is directly opposite the sun, it will be clearly visible on a clear night.

The planet will be up most of the night, peaking at around 12:30am.

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