What will the weather be like though July on Merseyside ?


The heatwave is expected to at least continue throughout this week, with signs of the warm weather lasting most of next week too.

Towards the middle of July there is an increased chance of occasional rain, cloud or stronger winds.

The very hot weather is likely to return further into the month but with the risk of thunder, lightning and rain and where the unsettled weather does occur, could lead to temperatures taking a cooler hit.

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The Met Office say: “there are likely to be interludes of wetter and windier weather, when weather fronts arrive from the west and northwest, or when thundery showers spread from the south”.

“Temperatures overall are likely to be above average, and there could be further very warm or hot spells”.

“Temperatures will return nearer to average in any more changeable spells.”

The start of August could see the unsettled wet and windy weather continue.

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