Mars will be bigger and brighter this month in closest approach for 15 years and it will be visible on Merseyside


Mars will approach earth in the closest pass in 15 years this month.

As Mars will be closer than usual this will mean the red planet will be 10 times brighter than usual, making it a very good opportunity to spot it.

This will be the nearest to earth it has been since 2003, when it came to its closest distance to Earth in nearly 60,000 years.

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In 2003, Mars was about 34.7 million miles from Earth, according to NASA. This month, Mars will be 35.8 million miles away.

This unique view of Mars will be visible acros sthe UK and MErseyside if skies stay clear.

Experts say the best time to view mars is in the early hours of the morning before sunrise.

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