Heatwave to last at least another TWO weeks as Merseyside basks in the sunshine

New Brighton heatwave. Credit: Sefik Akkurt

Merseyside and the rest of the UK will enjoy further warm spells of sunshine for at least another two weeks.

The Met Office says that the Jet stream, which drives the British weather, will stay to the North of the UK.

The positioning of the jet stream further north means that any weather fronts will track well away from the UK, keeping the wetter and cooler weather at bay.

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This isn’t set to change for at least another TWO weeks according to the forecaster who say: “The jet stream will remain to the north of the UK, keeping any weather fronts at bay.

“This will maintain high pressure throughout the next two weeks, bringing plenty more very warm sunshine.”

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Temperatures  will dip slightly on Merseyside during the middle of the week, but will pick up again over the weekend with plenty of sunshine.

Will Lang is a chief meteorologist. Will said: “All parts of the UK will see plenty of sunshine this week, although mist and low cloud along North Sea coasts will be slow to clear at times.

“Showers will develop at times, and there is a low risk that these could be heavy in places.

“Although most places will remain dry, sunny and very warm through much of this week, conditions in the north and north west will often be cooler and cloudier.”

Although some have been enjoying the sunshine across Merseyside, the fire service hasn’t as it has been reported they have attended over 100 grass fires over the last week.

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